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Delicious Handcrafted Donuts in Truganina


Freshly Baked Donuts for Your Sweet Tooth Cravings

Whether you want a quick bite or are craving something sweet, Mr.G’s Donuts have you covered. We are a team of highly trained bakers and expert baristas. And we are committed to serving you with the best coffees, mini cakes, pies and donuts in Truganina.

All our donuts are handmade on-site to create the perfect donut experience. And we are constantly evolving and experimenting with new flavours all the time.

Moreover, we fry our donuts in small batches, trying to preserve the taste to the best of their flavours. So every time you try one of our creations, you experience a burst of flavours exploding in your mouth.

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Our cafe in Truganina is open from Monday to Sunday. And we are available until late every day, so we can help satisfy your soul and hunger with our tasty offerings in a fulfilling and affordable manner. Whether a quick coffee run or an intimate meal with your loved ones, at Mr.G’s Donuts, we have all your needs covered.

Are you allergic or intolerant to particular ingredients we use in our products? Tell us beforehand, and we’ll try to accommodate your dietary needs.

New Zealand Style Pies & Donuts Made Fresh Every Day

For a complete meal experience, try our New Zealand-style pies and donuts delivered straight from our ovens to your plates. Walk in, grab a bite, or order your favourite things from our menu to enjoy at home.

As one of the most popular cafes in Truganina, we strive to make our delicacies beautiful on the outside and delectable on the inside.

We want to serve our customers the freshest donuts in Truganina, but that is not all. We also try to create the best in-store experience for our visitors to have a truly memorable and fulfilling meal experience with us.

We understand that you might want something to complement your donuts. And hence, our expert baristas also offer you a selection of the freshest coffees and beverages you can pick from.

We recommend you try out our freshly brewed gourmet coffees and other drinks solo or with your favourite dessert when you are in our cafe in Truganina.

Our sweet treats are the talk of the town, and they are baked to perfection with just the right amount of sugar. Order your favourite box of donuts or bring home one of our highly decadent gluten-free mini cakes to share with your friends and loved ones.

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