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Classic New Zealand-Style Pies & Donuts


Hand-Baked New Zealand-Style Pies & Donuts Made with Love & Passion

In Australia, pies and donuts are quite the all-rounder food choice. From a quick evening snack to staple food during tense football matches, the New Zealand-style pies and donuts not only fulfil your hunger but also satisfy your soul.

We understand that pies and donuts taste best only when served piping hot. Hence, at Mr.G’s Donuts, we serve our best-selling New Zealand-style pies and donuts in Melbourne straight from our ovens to your plates.


Whether the traditional NZ style Chunky Steak & Cheese or Mince & Cheese pies or our signature Butter Chicken or Potato Top pies, we have something to suit everyone’s liking. No matter the flavours, all our best-selling pies have certain things in common— the pastry is crisp and flakey on the outside, and the filling inside is rich and oozing with flavours.

Do you have any allergic intolerances or specific dietary preferences? Let us know about your dietary requirements beforehand. We are highly customer-focused in all our operations and will try our best to accommodate your needs at all times.

Traditional Pies & Donuts from New Zealand Now Available at Our Cafe in Melbourne

We are a team of passionate bakers and baristas. And we are committed to bringing you the most tasteful and delicious meat pies, coffees, mini cakes, beverages and donuts in Altona. All our savouries, desserts and handmade donuts are baked on-site to preserve the flavours of all the ingredients & create the most decadent experience for you.

To ensure that you always experience the freshest donuts always, we fry them in small batches. So no matter what time you crave our sweet treats, you enjoy the same flavoursome taste.

At Mr.G’s Donuts, our bakers keep experimenting with new flavours and ingredient combinations to keep things interesting. Try out our New Zealand-style pies and donuts, or choose from our range of brand-new flavours with our coffees to perfectly complement your favourite delicacies.

We want to create the best in-store experience for all our customers. And as a customer-focused store, we try to accommodate all your dietary preferences. Are you allergic to certain ingredients? Let us know about your specifications beforehand for clarification.

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